Loudspeaker Management Application

EKIO is a Loudspeaker Management Application that enables you to customize the sound of your loudspeaker system for optimal performance. The app provides easy creation of crossovers for full-range speakers, integration of subwoofers, and equalization of your audio system.

Additionally, EKIO can import speaker measurements to achieve the finest settings and obtain the best audio performance.

EKIO is a Windows application that works with an ASIO audio interface. However, if your interface does not come with a native ASIO driver, you can use ASIO4ALL instead.

Unlimited I/O

EKIO can handle an unlimited number of inputs and outputs, each providing intuitive equalization, an individual crossover filter, gain control, delay, and solo/mute switches.

Simple editor

The EKIO interface allows for quick and easy setting of filters through a convenient interface. The interface displays various graphs such as EQ curves, frequency responses, transfer functions, off-axis frequency responses (horizontal and vertical), and group delay.

Fast processing

With its sophisticated DSP engine and algorithms, EKIO provides both high-precision filtering and low CPU usage.

Measurement import

EKIO can import on-axis and off-axis frequency responses, helping you get the most out of your sound system.

Biquad export

Filters can be exported as biquad coefficients to be used on another device (e.g., MiniDSP).

ASIO support

ASIO provides a low-latency and high-fidelity interface between a software application and a computer's sound card. It is widely used by studios, musicians, professionals and amateurs.

ABX Comparator

What we think influences what we hear. The ABX comparator is a tool to compare two filters blind, eliminate bias, and thus enhance your listening accuracy.

Windows integration

EKIO can be run at Windows startup and start audio processing.



User manual

  • EKIO User Manual
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    Limitations of the Free version

    EKIO is available in a free version, with the following limitations:

    • Two inputs and four outputs
    • No export of biquad coefficients
    • No ABX Comparator

    Please give us your feedback

    We value your opinion and appreciate any feedback you may have on EKIO. Your input will help us improve our software. Please feel free to let us know what you think about EKIO by contacting us at