Routing example

Audio Interface FocusRite Saffire Pro 40
Input Source External SPDIF stereo source
Output 4 analog channels
Method Internal routing


We want to use EKIO to filter the audio stream generated by an external SPDIF stereo source. EKIO processes the input stream and outputs a 4-channel analog stream, which is then sent to four amplifiers.


The proposed solution is as follows:

It is performed with the following links:

Link 1:

Connect the external source to the SPDIF input of the sound card.

Link 2:

The Saffire Pro40 card automatically routes all physical inputs to ASIO inputs, including the SPDIF inputs of interest. Thus, no special sound card configuration is necessary here.

Link 3:

Within EKIO, first choose the Saffire sound card. Then, select the relevant inputs. Note that all physical inputs of the card are listed, including the SPDIF ones. Opt for the SPDIF inputs, specifically channels 9 and 10.

Link 4:

For outputs, 20 DAW channels are available. However, the first channels are occupied to receive audio from the Windows audio driver (e.g. WDM). If Windows is set for 2.0 output, channels DAW1 and DAW2 are in use; for 5.1 output, channels DAW1 to DAW6 are in use; and for 7.1 output, channels DAW1 to DAW8 are in use.

Avoid these occupied channels and configure EKIO to output on channels DAW9, DAW10, DAW11, and DAW12.


Disregard the names assigned to the output channels, as they replicate the physical output names and do not reflect the current routing.

Link 5:

In MixControl, connect the physical outputs as follows:

DAW9 ➜ Monitor Output 1

DAW10 ➜ Monitor Output 2

DAW11 ➜ Line Output 3

DAW12 ➜ Line Output 4

Link 6:

Connect the sound card analog outputs 1 to 4 to four amplification channels.